Calorifiers, Hot Water Storage Tanks, Boilers

Steam engine supplies a wide range of commercial and industrial calorifiers. Our calorifiers are designed to suit anywhere the way customers want to. They can be customized to meet the industrial as well as commercial requirement. We provide professional installation service that earn high earn high customer rating.

Hot water calorifiers are storage hot water tanks or water heaters used for big storage capacities. They can be heated by solar heating system, heat pump, gas boiler, electrical boiler or electrical heating elements. Hot water calorifier is called storage hot water calorifier if it has internal heating coil, or removable heating coil, removable U-Tube or removable heat exchanger. Hot water calorifier is called Buffer hot water calorifier if it has no any internal heating source. Usually it is heated by external heat exchanger.

We offer

Hot water Calorifier is called Electrical Hot water calorifier if it has internal electric heating elements.

  • Stainless Steel Lined Steel
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • •Glass Lined/Enamel Lined Steel


  • Hot water is available instantaneously and small storage is used to fulfill the peak demand.
  • Compact design. Less space required than standard calorifiers
  • Heat exchangers can be replaced without draining the tank.