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Solar Systems in UAE


• Forced Circulation Systems
• Thermosyphonic Systems
Themosyphonic Solar in UAE

Our customers can select from our variants and ensure without any compromise that you get the best solar water heater for their needs.Customized solar water heater designs can be implemented easily to anywhere.Steam Engine offers a host of advanced features.For efficient interior heating,our high-capacity industrial units provide precision temperature control for large-scale storage,healthcare,and scientific needs.

Heat Pumps in UAE

• Air Source Heat pumps
• Water Source Heat pumps
• Swimming Pool Heat pumps

STEAM ENGINE’s Thermos Heat Pumps includes a wide range of commercial and industrial Heat pumps specially manufactured for the climate in UAE. We provide a wide choice of heat pumps suitable for all applications that includes AIR & WATER source pumps.

STEAM ENGINE’s THERMOS also provide specially designed Heat Pumps for Swimming pools. If you wish to keep swimming pools warm & comfortable even during cold and extreme hot conditions, THERMOS Swimming Pool Heat Pump is perhaps the best possible solutions for all the swimming lovers. This is one of the most costs efficient as well as the most convenient mode of enjoying hot relaxing pool water. Those who seek a Heat Pump that is efficient, reliable and can save a lot of money in long run; THERMOS is the best for you.

Wallco Chillers in UAE

• Domestic Water Cooling systems

WALLCO chillers are manufactured for GCC region, since our weather conditions are very warm during the year. We produce wide range variety of systems in designs, sizing and dimensions. We are able to serve customised systems for hotels and industrial applications. We have chiller systems in stock so we quote, supply & install immediately. We have worked with companies and private villas throughout the UAE to resolve their heat loads. Innovation, simplicity and reliability through practical, technical and maintenance experience are the secrets to our success in this industry.

Calorifiers in UAE

Steam engine supplies a wide range of commercial and industrial calorifiers. Our calorifiers are designed to suit anywhere the way customers want to. They can be customized to meet the industrial as well as commercial requirement. We provide professional installation service that earn high earn high customer rating.

Plate Heat Exchangers in UAE

STEAM ENGINE’s PHAREN provide high quality plate heat exchanger as well as spares, including gaskets and plates. PHAREN also provides frame heat exchanger or gasket plate heat exchanger suitable for almost all applications. . The gaskets and plates are specified to fit most plate heat exchanger makes and models for replacement. This has a major advantage over other conventional heat exchanger in that the fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids are spread out over the plates. PHAREN Plate Heat Exchanger is the best option for those who seeks low cost and efficient heat exchangers.