Efficient technological systems helping clients in a variety of fields to improve their productivity .

Our Products

Design for energy savings & conservation in water heating & cooling. Installation, maintenance, testing & commissioning for solar water heaters,water chiller,heat pumps,calorifiers, plate exchangers.

Solar System

Our customers can select from our variants and ensure without any compromise that you get the best solar water heater for their needs.

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Heat Pumps Systems

STEAM ENGINE’s Thermos Heat Pumps includes a wide range of commercial and industrial Heat pumps specially manufactured for the climate in UAE.

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WALLCO chillers are manufactured for GCC region, since our weather conditions are very warm during the year. We produce wide ranges.

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Calorifiers, Hot Water Storage

Steam engine supplies a wide range of commercial and industrial calorifiers. Our calorifiers are designed to suit anywhere the way customers want to.

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Plate Heat Exchanger

STEAM ENGINE’s PHAREN provide high quality plate heat exchanger as well as spares, including gaskets and plates.PHAREN also provides

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Water Filteration / Softner

STEAM ENGINE offers effective solutions for water filtration almost for all types of industries Home, School, Restaurant, Residential, etc.

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Water Pumping System

STEAM ENGINE supply, install and commissioning various type of water pumps used for circulation as well as transfer of water from one point to another.

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