Solar Water Heater Solutions

STEAM ENGINE provides a wide range of commercial and industrial water heater in Dubai, UAE. The best solar water heater solution providers in Dubai, with a comprehensive range quality products in the country.

With our advanced and unique technology for providing the energy saving and eco-friendly innovation, we serve Dubai with the most efficient solar water heaters. Select from our variants and ensure without any compromise that you get the best solar water heater for your needs. Customised solar water heater designs can help you to implement it anywhere, the way you want it that too with designed on the energy-efficiency platform. We offer a host of advanced features.

For efficient interior heating, our high-capacity industrial units provide precision temperature control for large-scale storage, healthcare, or scientific needs.

  • Solar Water Heater from VORMANN

    The advanced technology of VORMANN Solar water heaters uses a natural circulation closed circuit. The special thermal fluid, used in the closed circuit enhances the performance of the heater, protects it from frost and prevents salt and scale deposition inside the collectors’ tubes. The closed circuit (jacket) where the thermal fluid circulates is independent and does not communicate with the water storage.


  • Solar Water Heater from ARISTON

    Natural circulation solar system for the production of domestic hot water. Kairos Thermo HF has a new optimised heat exchanger that allows a very quick production of domestic hot water. The blue selective surface treatment forgives very high performances with the 95% absorption and only 5% reflection. The collectors’ increased surface gives the possibility to produce even more domestic hot water;


Natural (Thermo siphon) and Forced Circulation Systems.

Thermo siphons are used in some liquid-based solar heating systems to heat a liquid such as water. The water is heated passively by solar energy and relies on heat energy being transferred from the sun to a solar collector. The heat from the collector can be transferred to water in two ways: directly where water circulates through the collector, or indirectly where an anti-freeze solution carries the heat from the collector and transfers it to water in the tank via a heat exchanger. Convection allows for the movement of the heated liquid out of the solar collector to be replaced by colder liquid which is in turn heated. Due to this principle, it is necessary for the water to be stored in a tank above the collector

Natural Circulation Systems, most commonly used with solar collectors and storage tank together, use the thermo siphon principle. These are usually available in capacities of 150, 200 and 300 liters. Multiple systems can act together to cater to central water heating requirements.

Forced Circulation Systems, mostly used for Industrial & Commercial applications. Solar Collectors and Storage Tanks are split with pumps (and accessories) with the aid of an intelligent solar controller, which operates the system effectively. The standard capacities for these systems are available from 200 up to 5000 liters and even to 10000 liters storage as a single system. Larger capacities are also possible with multiple configurations of the units.

The system also produces cool air at the outlet during the period of operation. The system operates even during the period in the absence of solar radiation, as long as the heat source is available and in accordance to the requirements. Electric backup heating options are also available.

Customer Service

We can provide customized solutions to enable your heating and cooling requirements. We undertake the supply, installation, testing & commissioning and handing-over, with a good technical support all the way .