Best Water Chiller System Dubai, UAE

Water Cooling Chillers Dubai, UAE

Steam engine UAE offers water cooling chillers for domestic water cooling and water tank cooling requirements . We supply a broad range of water chillers in Dubai, UAE includes water cooling machines, heat cool pumps and heat cool chillers in Dubai, UAE for an affordable price. .

WALLCO chillers provide a cold water management system at an affordable price .Water chillers are fully automatic pumped water circulation systems that can cool water tanks to a “user adjustable “temperature .Once the set point temperature is achieved ,the WALLCO chiller unit automatically switches off. WALLCO chillers have been designed by a reputable US company, with many years of experience in the heat pump /chillers technology and specially used for the harsh Middle East Conditions.

WALLCO Water Chiller

WALLCO chillers are manufactured for GCC region, since our weather conditions are very warm during the year. We produce wide range variety of systems in designs, sizing and dimensions. We are able to serve customised systems for hotels and industrial applications. We have chiller systems in stock so we quote, supply & install immediately. We have worked with companies and private villas throughout the UAE to resolve their heat loads. Innovation, simplicity and reliability through practical, technical and maintenance experience are the secrets to our success in this industry.

Steam Engine offers a range of water chiller standard products fit your unique requirements, but all products may not fit your requirements, our experts can suggest units that are customized to meet your unique needs.

Our staffs are trained expertsand are proven to be skilled in water chillers ranging from domestic water chillers installation to high rise buildings. WALLCO Chillers equipments fit and satisfies customers needs to provide cost-efficient solutions and maintenance of Water Chillers.

Water Chiller UAE

Benefits of Wallco Chiller

  • Adjust the number of modules in operation at any time according to the change of cooling load, so as to achieve the best matching between output & input water cooling capacity load and save energy consumption.
  • Multiple compressors are guaranteed to work in parallel.
  • Lightweight, small size, saving the building area;
  • The modular combination, providing maximum spare capacity for the refrigeration system, and expanding unit capacity is very simple and feasible.
  • In house manufacturing unit with all-time service in UAE.
  • Superior quality.